BLISS Life Affiliate Program

You can earn mony or a free cruise doing what you normally do!

For those of you who want to pass along your experience with the BBC, you’re in luck. We are looking for individuals that share our passion for life to the fullest to join us in growing our business as an affiliate. There are no special talents that are necessary to become an affiliate, just a few minutes of your time doing what you normally do, sharing your BBC experiences with your friends, family and fans through social media.

How does it work?

If you are interested, all you need to do is apply through our Bliss Life page when you sign up as a user, or by emailing us at When accepted, we will assign you an affiliate code and forward you a link that you can post on your webpage and personal social page(s) (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). The BBC affiliate program works great for established websites, travel agents, magazines, radio, promoters, media, event companies, and marketing companies as well as the novice beginner who has a lot of Facebook or other social network friends. The link, once installed, will allow us to track any orders placed through your webpage or social page, for which you will earn 5% commission on any items sold on our webpage, including cruises, packages and apparel to name a few. Additionally, you will earn a 5% override on all sales made by affiliates referred by you to the BBC affiliate program. As part of our extended network of affiliate partners, the following benefits will be afforded to you:

  • Real time traffic and sales statistics 24 hours a day for your convenience through your online Bliss Life profile.
  • Special discounts on all BBC products that will be made available only to affiliates to offer to their friends/clients.
  • Access to telephone and email support to address questions and special orders.
  • The right to earn a free cruise and/or cabin.
  • Commission payments for Affiliate Sales

    As stated above, as an affiliate, you will earn a 5% commission on any items sold on our webpage, via your link or affiliate code. Additionally, you will earn a 10% override on all sales made by affiliates referred by you to the BBC affiliate program. Payment for all cruise and apparel sales will be made 30 days after final payment has been received by The Bliss Foundation. In lieu of a cash payment, you may elect to receive credit redeemable toward your purchase of the BBC or other apparel offered by the BBC. It is important to note that credit for affiliate cruise and apparel sales made within 30 days of sailing will not be redeemable on that current cruise.


    We hope that you will find that this is a unique offer to capitalize by being you. We want nothing more than for you to be successful, as your success will help us achieve our goal in bringing the party, BBC style, to others that are like minded.

    We Thank YOU!  

    The Bliss Foundation

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