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    What is the cruise itinerary?

    2016 Bliss Bahamas Cruise




    Port of Jacksonville, Jacksonville FL

    Day 1Jacksonville, FL 4:00PM
    Day 2Freeport, the Bahamas12:00PM7:00PM
    Day 3Nassau, the Bahamas8:00AM5:00PM
    Day 4…Fun Day At Sea
    Day 5Jacksonville, FL8:00AM

    What information do you need to book my cruise?

    The following information is required and needed to book the cruise for every guest in your cabin or party.

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    What types of payments are accepted?


    We accept payment online through PayPal. PayPal accepts most major credit cards including; Visa, Mastercard and American Express. We will also accept payment by certified check, as long as prior arrangements are made with our office. Within 30 days of sailing, only credit card payments will be accepted.

    Multiple Credit Card Payments
    If you will be paying for your stateroom with multiple credit cards, you will need to have all of the credit card numbers (with expiration date and the card’s verification code/number on the back) as well as the billing name and billing addresses for each card. The credit card(s) must belong to the guest(s) booked on the reservation.
    Third Party Credit Card Payments
    If the credit card you are using is for an individual not traveling on the cruise, you must call our office at 843-330-7112 in order to qualify and execute a Third Party Credit Card Authorization Agreement Form.
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    What is the pricing for the cruise? How much is the deposit for the cruise? Do you offer payment plans?

    At this time, we can reserve your spot on our cruise with a 50% deposit PER GUEST, while the deposit rate is affected by the date that you make your reservation and the accommodations and number of passengers you book in your cabin. In summary, the nicer the cabin and the fewer the occupants, the more costly an individual’s passage on the cruise will be. All of our base rates are established on a double occupancy of the cabin. Final payment for the cruise will be due no later than 30 days prior to the sailing date. Full payment will be required for any bookings made within 30 days of sailing. Late fees will be accrued for final payments made after this date, as stipulated herein and in the Terms And Conditions.

      Important Notes:
    2. 2. Single occupancy cabins will pay the same rate as a double occupancy.
    3. 3. Please be advised that triple and quad occupancy cabins are very limited and require full cabin deposit at time of booking in order to confirm.
    4. 4. The cruise rate includes: accommodations, meals, most beverages (alcohol and soda are NOT included), port charges, government taxes and entrance to all Groove Cruise events on and off the ship (additional fees may apply for events, including but not limited to meals, drinks, transportation, etc.)
    5. 5. Carnival Cruise Lines’ mandatory service charge for tips/gratuities is NOT included in your rate, and will be charged to your account onboard the ship. This service fee is non-refundable, regardless of the reason. A total of $48.00 per guest ($12 per guest per day) will be added to your shipboard account by Carnival when you board the ship.
    Late Payments & Declined Credit Card Fees
    A late fee of $50.00 per person will be added to your reservation if your credit card on file is declined and your payment is not received by your due dates listed on your invoice. If your reservation is still unpaid 2 weeks after our final payment date, your reservation will be cancelled without refund.
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    What is the last day to book the cruise?

    The last day to book the Bliss Bahamas Cruise is based on availability and Carnival Cruise Lines. Cruises booked within 1 week of sailing are not guaranteed, as a lot of work has to go into making sure that the cruise line follows all national and international rules and laws when booking your passage. We recommend booking early to guarantee the best rates and best cabin locations. It is important to note that rates and availability are not guaranteed until booked, and our rates will likely increase closer to sailing.

    What is the cancellation policy?

    The Bliss Bahamas Cruise, once booked and purchased, is non-refundable and non-transferable. There are NO REFUNDS for partial or full payments due to no-shows and cancellations, regardless of the reason.

    We, therefore, strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance to avoid financial loss due to unexpected emergencies. In the event that you purchased travel insurance, you must submit your request to us in writing via email (info@theblissfoundation.biz) to cancel your reservation and receive your refund.

    Can and should I purchase travel insurance?

    Yes and Yes! We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance to avoid financial loss due to unexpected emergencies. In the event that you purchased travel insurance, you must submit your request to us in writing via email (info@theblissfoundation.biz) to cancel your reservation and receive your refund.

    Our travel insurance covers you for the following reasons:

    Travel insurance also protects you against emergencies during travel, such as trip interruption, trip delay, missed/canceled flights, lost or stolen baggage/personal items, illness/injury and much more.

    In the event that you purchased travel insurance, you must submit your request to us in writing via email (info@theblissfoundation.biz) to cancel your reservation and receive your refund.

    For questions and to purchase travel insurance, please call The Bliss Foundation at 843-330-74112 or email info@theblissfoundation.biz

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    Can I make changes to my reservation?

    The guest who places a reservation for a cabin onboard The Bliss Bahamas Cruise will be considered that cabin’s $ldquo;Booking Guest”, while the other cabin occupants are considered the “Guest” of the reservation. The Booking Guest is solely responsible for initiating or authorizing changes to the reservation, and must agree in writing to any changes made to the reservation, by emailing info@theblissfoundation.biz.

    The Booking Guest is not allowed to change their name within the reservation. At least one original Guest and/or Booking Guest name must remain on the reservation. If all original guests cancel, this is considered a full cancellation without refund, and name changes will not be allowed.

    Name Changes

    We allow name changes as long as the Booking Guest, or one original name remains on the reservation. Guest name changes can be made up until 30 days prior to sailing (if allowed by the cruise line), and each change will be assessed a $50 administrative fee per person/per name change. All name changes made within 30 days of sailing will be assessed a $100 administrative fee per person/per name change.

    In all cases of name changes, the NEW guest must make full payment. Once that payment has been made, then the applicable amounts paid by the original guest will be refunded directly to the original guest, less the cost of the name change fee.

    Cabin Changes

    All cabin changes can be made up until 30 days prior to sailing (if allowed by the cruise line), and each change will be assessed a $50 administrative fee per cabin number change. All cabin changes made within 30 days of sailing will be assessed a $100 fee.

    In all cases of cabin upgrades, the Booking Guest and all of the other Guests must make full payment, including the administrative cost of the cabin change fee.

    Important Notes

    Cabin rates are based on the cabin type and number of people in your cabin. Changes cabin type and in occupancy will result in a rate increase or decrease depending on the type of change.

    Your cabin number is subject to change without notice at the discretion of the cruise line.

    No changes of any kind (name or cabin) will be accepted within two weeks of sailing.

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    I want my cabin to be located next to my friends. How do I request that?

    Book early! You can choose and select your cabins online, and requests to be located next to your friends should be made at the time of booking. We will do everything we can to accommodate your requests, however, there is no guaranty, and remember that your, and your friends, cabin numbers are subject to change without notice at the discretion of the cruise line.

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    I want to go on the BLISS Bahamas Cruise, but I don’t have a roommate. Can you find me one?

    Yes! We get several requests for individual cruisers looking for roommates. If you are looking for a roommate, please contact us at 843-330-7112 to place your name on a waiting list.

    Roommate Policy

    Your decision to accept an assigned roommate for The Bliss Bahamas Cruise is at your own risk. Bliss Bahamas Cruise and Carnival are not responsible nor liable for any and all claims or cause of action arising out of or in connection with your acceptance of an assigned roommate for the cruise, including, without limitation, any injury or damage to persons or property which may be caused, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, from such request or acceptance. The following conditions to the assignment and acceptance of your roommate

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    What is included in the BLISS Bahamas Cruise rates?

    Your Bliss Bahamas Cruise rate includes

    Your Bliss Bahamas Cruise rate does not include

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    Are tips and gratuities included?

    Tips and gratuities are NOT included in your Bliss Bahamas Cruise rate. When you board the ship, a refundable service charge will automatically be added to your onboard account. The service charge is for your dining room staff and stateroom stewards. The service fee amount varies by cruise and cruise line, however, a 15% gratuity is recommended for bar drink purchases, including sodas.

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    What is the age requirement for the BLISS Bahamas Cruise?

    The minimum age for the BLISS Bahamas Cruise and all BLISS events during the cruise is 21.

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    I require an ADA accessible cabin. How do I get one?

    The Bliss Bahamas Cruise is committed to assisting you with any special requirements you may have. Please contact us via email at info@theblissfoundation.biz or by phone at 843-330-7112 in order to book ADA staterooms over the phone, as they are not available to book online.

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    How do I connect with other people going on the cruise?

    For your convenience, we have created an online social page that allows you to register and keep up with the BBC. Simply enroll in our Bliss Life social page and you will be connected to the latest BBC news and other cruisers, bikini models and sponsors that will be traveling on the next cruise. The Bliss Life social page is located on our web site blissbahamascruise.com.

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    Do I need a passport for the cruise?

    U.S. Citizens

    It is strongly recommended that all of our guests travel with a valid passport, while it is not necessarily required. Having a valid U.S. passport enables you to fly to and from the U.S. in the event you miss your scheduled embarkation, or should you need to disembark the ship for any reason..

    The BLISS Bimini Trip is considered a “closed-loop“ cruise, which is defined as a sailing that originates and terminates in the same U.S. Port. At this time, U.S. Citizens (including children) taking “closed-loop“ cruises will be able to enter or depart the country with either a valid U.S. Passport–or–Proof of citizenship, (e.g. a birth certificate, a ConsuMiamir report of Birth Abroad, or a Certificate of Naturalization), along with government issued photo identification (e.g. a state issued driver’s license).

    Other acceptable forms of identification include:

    The following forms of identification are NOT acceptable as proof of citizenship:

    For more information, a complete list of WHTI-compliant documents or to obtain a passport application, visit www.travel.state.gov.

    U.S. Alien Residents

    U.S. Alien residents need a valid Alien Resident Card. Non-U.S. citizens need a valid passport and a valid, unexpired U.S. Multiple Re-entry Visa, if applicable.

    Non-U.S. Citizens

    If you are not a U.S. citizen, you will need a valid passport and, in some cases, a visa. If you live in the U.S., you will also need the original copy of your Alien Registration Card (e.g. ARC or “Green Card“) and any other documentation the countries on your itinerary require due to your alien status.

    If you are not a U.S. Citizen, please contact U.S. Immigrations at 1-800-375-5283 to be sure your identification will be satisfactory for both entry into the U.S., and for the cruise.


    Citizens from the Visa Waiver Program countries will require a machine–readable passport valid for the duration of their voyage.


    All guests must present the required documentation at embarkation. Guests without the required documentation will be denied boarding and no refund will be issued. Please understand that the Resorts World Bimini (RWB) will strictly enforce this requirement to be in compliance with this important U.S. Government mandate.

    The BLISS Foundation/BLISS Bahamas Cruise/BLISS Bimini and the other released parties (as herein defined) assume no responsibility for advising you of immigration requirements. Non-U.S. citizens, including resident aliens, must contact the appropriate consultants, embassies and/or immigration office(s) to inquire about necessary documentation for the Cruise’s ports of call. Your name, as listed on your travel documents, must exactly match your name as listed on your cruise documents.

    It is YOUR responsibility to make sure you have the proper, valid documents to board the ship. The BLISS Foundation, BLISS Bahamas Cruise, BLISS Bimini are not responsible for denied boarding due to insufficient documents.

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    When and how will I receive my BLISS Bahamas Cruise “ticket”?

    You will receive an email with your cruise booking/reservation number and instructions on how to complete your online check-in. During this process, you will be prompted to print your boarding pass. Each guest in your cabin/party will need to complete the online check-in at least one week prior to sailing. Your boarding pass is your “ticket” for boarding and must be printed and presented at check-in at the terminal. Your BBC Invoice is NOT your ticket for boarding.

    It is important to note that if your name is not spelled correctly, you could be denied boarding without refund! The Bliss Foundation and the BBC are not responsible for denied boarding. Please contact us immediately with any name corrections.

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    How can I contact BLISS Bahamas Cruise?

    You may contact us by sending an email: info@theblissfoundation.biz or by calling us at 843-330-7112.

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    On Board FAQs

    How do I pay for Onboard Expenses?

    For your convenience, all shipboard expenses are charged to the cruise lines’ special onboard Sign and Sail program. Details for this program are included at the Carnival website www.carnival.com. In summary, you sign up on the first day of your cruise by establishing your method of payment with a credit card (e.g. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.), traveler’s checks or cash. If you choose to establish your account with cash, a deposit will be required at the time you sign up.

    Debit or ATM cards
    The cruise line does not recommend the use of a debit card as payment for your onboard Sign and Sail account, as multiple holds will be placed on your debit card account to reflect your onboard purchases. It is important to note that debit card holds may remain on your account for up to 30 days after the date of the initial hold, while The Bliss Foundation, Bliss Bahamas Cruise and Carnival will not be responsible for overdraft charges resulting from holds placed on Debit Card accounts. For your convenience, an ATM is present on board.
    Cash/Travelers Checks
    The Sign and Sail account can be established by presenting cash or US Traveler’s Checks at the time of check-in. Cash accounts will not allow you to purchase items in excess of the amount of your deposit, and will require additional deposits once you have exceeded the deposited amount. You can deposit as much money as often as you’d like throughout the cruise, however, refunds cannot be made until the day of disembarkation for any excess. US Traveler’s Checks can be cashed onboard and redeemed for cash. Personal checks will not be accepted, and they cannot be cashed onboard.
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    Can I Smoke Onboard or in My Cabin?

    Any and all forms of smoking, including but not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, electronic cigarettes, and personal vaporizers, are strictly prohibited onboard except in designated exterior open deck areas, certain night clubs, and designated areas in the casino. All staterooms and suite accommodations are entirely smoke free, including the outside balcony (Effective October 9, 2014). Stiff penalties and damages are enforceable in the event that a smoking violation occurs. Please review the Carnival terms and conditions.

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    Is there a set dinner time? How do I request to eat dinner with my friends?

    Carnival and the Bliss Bahamas Cruise offers open-seating dining in a variety of restaurants and cafės with individual menus, for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night. Additionally, meals can be delivered directly to you room 24 hours a day. Truly, on the cruise, you will be able to eat where you want, when you want, with whom you want.

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    What are the sleeping accommodations in my cabin?

    All cabins have two twin beds that can be converted to a queen or king. Triple or quad occupancy cabins have a combination of either two twin beds/king and one or two upper bunk beds. The Bliss Foundation is unable to handle advanced requests for bedding. If your beds are not set up the way you want them to be, simply ask your cabin steward to change them for you.

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    Will My Cell Phone Work Onboard?

    Your cell phone may be operational while at sea, depending on your service and service provider. Additionally, most cell providers offer service on the islands. Please note that international voice and data roaming charges will apply. Contact your cell service provider for details and rates, while some providers require that your phone be setup to operate internationally.

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    Will I need a power converter for my cabin?

    The electric current onboard the cruise ship is 110 volts AC (US Power).

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    Is Laundry Service Available?

    Yes, laundry and dry-cleaning services are available. In order to secure these services, simply inquire with your cabin steward for options and pricing, as these services are offered at an additional charge.

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    Are there Medical Services Onboard?

    Yes, Carnival employs a well-equipped medical facility and group of medical professionals,supervised by a doctor. Please note, however, that they are equipped to provide only basic medical care, and may not offer care for conditions requiring specialized expertise or equipment. Passengers with such conditions, or in the event of an emergency, may be evacuated at their own expense, should more advanced medical care be required.

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    Entertainment FAQs

    Will the entertainers, DJs, and bikini models be onboard with us for the entire cruise?

    Yes! Our entertainers, DJ’s and bikini models will spend the entire cruise with us. Additionally, some of our sponsors, including: leading photographers, videographers, and other business owners and representatives will be on board to enjoy this unique cruise.

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    What other activities will be available onboard?

    In addition to the scheduled BBC events, Carnival hosts a wide variety of activities that include, but are not limited to; a casino, karaoke bar, a dance club, miniature golf, a water park, and other on board activities, shows and events that will insure that you have a wonderful option should choose to attend. For more information on the ship, please visit www.carnival.com to obtain the ship-specific facilities and event itineraries.

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    What BBC events and activities will be onboard?

    In addition to the scheduled Carnival events, BBC events will take place throughout the cruise from the time you board to the time you depart. The complete BBC activity itinerary will be emailed to registered Guests approximately one week prior to sailing. We will also have printed itineraries placed in your sail package onboard the ship.

    One of the best things about the Bliss Bahamas Cruise (besides the events) is the opportunity to see and interact with your favorite bikini model, artists and sponsors in a one of a kind environment. Throughout the cruise we’ll have a number of interactive events and entertaining Theme Nights.

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    What are Theme Parties?

    Theme Parties are Bliss Bahamas Cruise’s most entertaining and anticipated onboard events! While most Theme Parties will be self-explanatory, we encourage unique costumes that help you express your individualism.

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